Ben Wins Preliminary Round of Nashville Rising Star

Sep 7th, 2017

This week, Ben competed against 20 other songwriters in a singer-songwriter contest in Nashville. Ben performed the song “D.U.I.” from his album FALL. After all of the artists had performed, the voting was opened to those in the room and watching online. After a 15-minute voting period, Ben won with 30% of the vote. Ben will return on October 18th to compete in the semifinals…

David Thoener – Shaping The Sound Of The Genesis

Jun 19th, 2017

by Tammy Hilderbrand After more than 40 years as a recording engineer, producer and mix engineer, David Thoener of Nashville is a seasoned veteran of the recording industry. Thoener mixed Ben Becker’s debut cd, Fall, which was released this month on iTunes, Spotify and over 50 music service platforms. Like most musical roads, Thoener’s is a long one. He recalls being only 10 years old…

Nina Musolino – Managing The Genesis

May 24th, 2017

By Tammy Hilderbrand When Nina Musolino met Ben Becker, there were obvious sparks between the two of them. But not the kind of sparks you might anticipate when two young people meet. These were career sparks. Musolino is actually a California girl, but she, like Ben, is attending Belmont University in Nashville and working on a career in music. Though she also sings and plays…

The Genesis

May 19th, 2017

by Tammy Hilderbrand For every musical artist who steps onto the Grammy stage, there were untold hours of writing, producing, tweaking the details to get it right, and a plethora of people who were working to make it great. They worked a long time before getting that first recording contract. They worked to exhaustion before ever earning that right to step onto that stage. With…

Album Credits for Fall by Ben Becker

May 19th, 2017

Fall by Ben Becker is available on iTunes. All songs written by Ben Becker Produced by Ben Becker and Brian Becker Engineers Mixing Engineer: David Thoener Tracking Engineer: Steve Dady Vocals Engineer: Brian Becker Guitar Overdubs on Push Me Away: Jon Stinson Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell Players Bass: Gary Lunn, Mark Hill, Steve Seawright Acoustic: Dave Cleveland, Tom Hemby Electric Guitar: Dave Cleveland, Ben Becker, Jon Stinson Drums: Steve Brewster,…

Becker Releases “See Ya”

Feb 6th, 2017

Over the past 6 months, Ben has been working on releasing an album of music featuring songs including D.U.I., Time Traveler, Expect Me To Do, Stranded, Push Me Away, I’m In Love With A Woman, and Knock Me Out. Even while working in the studio on all those songs, Ben’s also been working on singles that he writes, records and mixes in his dorm room….

Becker Debuts New Song at Curb Cafe Gig

Nov 18th, 2016

On Tuesday night, Ben Becker took the stage for a 25 minute set on Belmont’s campus at the Curb Cafe. Becker performed 6 songs including 3 originals that are currently being recorded in the studio. The song that is getting a lot of stir (over 1000 views in 2 days) is a song he wrote last week entitled DUI and debut on Tuesday. The lyrics…

5th Song Hits iTunes

Sep 3rd, 2016

Ben’s first couple of weeks at Belmont has not slowed down his musical output. While settling into college life during the last two weeks of August, Ben wrote 2 new songs, released another song to video (Time Traveler) and pushed out his 5th song to iTunes, gPlay and Spotify (This Ain’t Over). This Ain’t Over was written, recorded, performed and producedby Ben in his own…