Becker Debuts New Song at Curb Cafe Gig

On Tuesday night, Ben Becker took the stage for a 25 minute set on Belmont’s campus at the Curb Cafe. Becker performed 6 songs including 3 originals that are currently being recorded in the studio.

The song that is getting a lot of stir (over 1000 views in 2 days) is a song he wrote last week entitled DUI and debut on Tuesday. The lyrics are:

by Ben Becker

In love with the taste
The look on your face has me gone
Cannot walk straight
Fall on my face can’t go on

Bitter to the tongue
Filling up my cup with your compliments
Burning my throat
Making me choke on my confidence

I need more of you
The more that I have just infatuates me
There’s nothing I can do
Everything you do just intoxicates me

You break my heart like a glass that’s empty
You swallow my soul like a bottle of Jack
You’ve got me tripping like a shot of whiskey
I’m gone for good and there’s no coming back

You’re just too good and I cannot stop drinking
You’re pulling me down and I don’t think I care
I can’t see straight with this blurry vision
Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re even there
Are you even there

Can’t take the heat
Can’t stay on my feet under the influence
If I could I would run
But you’ve got me drunk on your lips

A portion of the song can be heard on his father’s Facebook page (click image to hear):

Ben Becker at Curb Cafe


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