Album Credits for Fall by Ben Becker

Fall by Ben Becker is available on iTunes.
All songs written by Ben Becker
Produced by Ben Becker and Brian Becker


Mixing Engineer: David Thoener
Tracking Engineer: Steve Dady
Vocals Engineer: Brian Becker
Guitar Overdubs on Push Me Away: Jon Stinson
Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell


Bass: Gary Lunn, Mark Hill, Steve Seawright
Acoustic: Dave Cleveland, Tom Hemby
Electric Guitar: Dave Cleveland, Ben Becker, Jon Stinson
Drums: Steve Brewster, Ken Lewis, Scott Walker
Keyboards: Jason Webb, Blair Masters, Ben Becker
Programming/Sequencing: Ben Becker
Vocal Arrangements: Ben Becker
Duet on Stranded: Nina Musolino


Tracking and vocals – Sunset Blvd Studios, Brentwood, TN
Guitar overdubs – Glass Onion Recording, Nashville, TN
Mixing – Blue Grotto Sound, Brentwood, TN
Mastering – AfterMaster, Hollywood, CA

Special Thanks

For doing everything a manager, A&R and best friend would do:
Nina Musolino
For help with the Heads/Tails decision:
Gary Lunn, Steve Seawright, Jared Stark, Steve Dady, Dave and Catherine Cleveland and Nina Musolino
For opening dad’s email:
David Thoener – You are a sonic artist. Thank you so much!

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