The Genesis

by Tammy Hilderbrand For every musical artist who steps onto the Grammy stage, there were untold hours of writing, producing, tweaking the details to get it right, and a plethora of people who were working to make it great. They worked a long time before getting that first recording contract. They worked to exhaustion before… Continue reading The Genesis

Album Credits for Fall by Ben Becker

Fall by Ben Becker is available on iTunes. All songs written by Ben Becker Produced by Ben Becker and Brian Becker Engineers Mixing Engineer: David Thoener Tracking Engineer: Steve Dady Vocals Engineer: Brian Becker Guitar Overdubs on Push Me Away: Jon Stinson Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell Players Bass: Gary Lunn, Mark Hill, Steve Seawright Acoustic: Dave Cleveland, Tom Hemby Electric… Continue reading Album Credits for Fall by Ben Becker

Ben Releases 4th Song: Boat in the Ocean

#BITO – This week Ben’s latest song “Boat In The Ocean” was released to iTunes, gPlay,Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rhapsody, Apple Music and a gazillion other music sites. Ben produced this song which was recorded in Nashville with engineer Steve Dady and guitarist Dave Cleveland along with other great musicians. On YouTube you can watch his… Continue reading Ben Releases 4th Song: Boat in the Ocean