The Genesis

by Tammy Hilderbrand For every musical artist who steps onto the Grammy stage, there were untold hours of writing, producing, tweaking the details to get it right, and a plethora of people who were working to make it great. They worked a long time before getting that first recording contract. They worked to exhaustion before… Continue reading The Genesis

Wayne County Lumberjacks Are Headed To Sr Babe Ruth World Series

During the month of July alone, there are more than 100 “World Series” going on in various age groups across the United States. The term “World Series” seems to have lost its meaning from overuse, except when it comes to Little League, Cal Ripkin and Babe Ruth organizations. What sets these organizations apart is that they pay… Continue reading Wayne County Lumberjacks Are Headed To Sr Babe Ruth World Series

The Perfect Season

Over the summer, no one predicted what happened on Thursday as the Greenville Bears capped their season with a final win and completed the undefeated season at 22-0. Before the season began the Bears lost one of their top pitchers and their schedule was filled with solid competition: some teams state-ranked; some teams two-classes higher; and some… Continue reading The Perfect Season

Mizzou Winter Showcase With Teammates

Just like last year, a group of teammates and dads traveled to Mizzou for the 2014 Winter Warmup. This year, Ben’s little brother, Jack, was old enough to join them. And, since Trynt Tompkins couldn’t make the trip the group invited Poplar Bluff Mules’ shortstop Dalton Cooper and his fater Bryan to join them.